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Welcome to the
Full Moon Song Circle 

For Women, First Nations and Gender Non-Conforming. A space to nourish your creative self through meditation and song. 

OMG, I don't know about you, but I need this right now. A quiet time. Alone together. To stop, drop and breathe into your creativity. To REMEMBER why your craft is important to the world ESPECIALLY in these times. To nourish. To rest. And so we gather, by the light of the full moon, to remember there are seasons, ebb and flow, cycles, round and round. 

What can you expect:

  • Opening ceremony

  • Meditation

  • Thought for the day

  • Writing/art  exercise

  • Closing ceremony

  • 1 hour session each full moon 6pm AWST

You will need:

  • Your fave beverage

  • A candle and/or incense

  • A quiet space to hum and sing and make some quiet sound

  • A pen and paper

  • Comfortable clothes...pjs are always welcome

Come if you: 

  • are curious

  • want to spark more WONDER in your life

  • are a this is not limited to songwriters/musicians!

  • want to reconnect to your voice 

  • need encouragement 

  • need community

Got questions? Hit us up at


  • Full Moon Song Circle for Creatives

    Every 29 days
    A chance for you to stop, drop and sing. A gathering for Women, First Nations and Gender Non-Conforming. Every Full Moon starting 21st July. 6pm AWST
    Valid for 145 days+ 13 day free trial
    • Melodic Mantra
    • Creativity as a Spiritual Practice
    • Meditation
    • Singing
    • Full Moon Rituals

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