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Our Story

We organized our first retreat in 2020 after realizing how important it is to disconnect from the daily grind and make dedicated time for our craft. Australian Songwriting Retreats provides you with opportunities to recharge your body, mind, and soul and reconnect with yourself AND your craft. You are invited to rest, reflect and write over a weekend in picturesque locations with first-class hosts, and a committed community that will inspire a life-changing experience.

Image by Heiko Otto

Getaway, write a song and meet some good people. A songwriting retreat where like-minded souls gather, and quietness, time and collaboration quench your tired creative mind. We started as strangers and after two days were allies, a songwriting sisterhood. Together we unfurled in the small Australian country town of New Norcia. The combination of a simple schedule, humble Spanish architecture and space made it possible for me to work on music and for music to work on me. 

This retreat is a winner in my books, just say’n. 

Sara Polanski, Songwriter

Image by Jaccob McKay

Sara Polanski, Songwriter

Retreat Attendee,
New Norcia 2021

Thank you. I feel like I have achieved something that I held myself back from for a long time. I really overcame something that weekend and loved the idea of leaving things (ie issues) behind in New Norcia. I will remember it as a very special time and hugely valuable.

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